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Angsana Corfu Resort & Spa Greece Unique Island Itinerary

Unique Corfu Itinerary - things to do on Corfu island

What to do and what to see on Corfu island

Our dedicated concierge is proposing twenty one things to do on Corfu island, your perfect guide to planning your holidays at Angsana Corfu Resort. Here is a bespoke guide on what to see and what to visit on Corfu island, worth experiencing spots that will all leave you in awe, feeling the warmth and charm of Corfu island.

Activities & Experiences

Start your day with a stroll at Corfu Old Town, an UNESCO World Heritage Site and heaven for architecture enthusiasts. There is no better way to explore Corfu than wandering through the lovely narrow alleys, known as “Kantounia”. Notice the locals hanging off their balconies, chatting to each other across their windows, placing their laundry on ropes that hang across one balcony to another. A walking tour will reveal a series of amazing historical spots such as the Liston street & Spianada Square, the Old Fortress and the New Fortress, the Palace of St Michael & St George which hosts the peculiar Museum of Asian Arts, the Corfu Archeological Museum, the famed Mon Repos Palace, the historical Church of Saint Spyridon and the picturesque Garitsa; and, further away, the Vlacherna Monastery. Returning to the resort, you can enjoy an epicurean lunch experience at our Sofrito Restaurant. This multi-sensory experience, rich in flavours and the local cuisine’s influences, will guide you through tradition and culture. End your day by the beach, with a live music program accompanied by an ouzo session while listening to the waves crashing along the shore.

Housed in the the Palace of Saint Michael and Saint George, the only one of its kind in Greece, the Corfu Museum of Asian Art is solely dedicated to the art and antiquities of the Far East and India. You will be amazed by the colours and artistry of this wonderful journey through civilizations. Free admission on special days and for students and those under 18. Discounted prices for all from 1 November to 31 March.

Visit the deserts of Corfu, the most amazing sand dunes and Natura protected lake on Corfu island. Take a jeep safari-style ride at the beautiful Issos Beach and Korission Lake, a natural wonder with steep sand dunes and crystal-clear waters: a place made in heaven. Located next to Issos beach and the famous Cedar Forest, Korission Lake makes for the perfect home for exotic bird species and animals, including the beloved pink flamingos, spotted in the area every spring. You can always have the option to explore the natural beauty on a horse, riding through the lake-side path to the “Sahara of Corfu”, a strip of nature with beautiful geological characteristics. If you are a water sport lover, then this is also a perfect place to be. Strong gusty winds at both Issos beach and Chalikouna beach makes it a popular spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Alternatively, take a Safari Tour in a jeep, crossing the sandy shores and the Cedar Trees. After the thrilling day, visit a nearby organic Corfiot farm situated a few kilometres from Korission Lake, get a little closer to nature and enjoy a lunch by the perivoli, the home piece of land where vegetables and fruits are grown during summer. End your day with a breathtaking sunset view and allow yourself to be captivated by the sunset hues as the sun goes down on this mesmerizing scenery south of Corfu.

There is no better combination than golf and fine food. Located just 30 minutes from the resort, Corfu's Golf Club is one of the most beautiful hidden secrets of Europe. Situated by the vast expanse of Ropa Valley, the golf course features tree-lined fairways harmoniously combined with several lakes and meandering streams against the backdrop of the surrounding lush green hills. Both advanced and beginner players can enjoy a memorable round of golf in Odysseus secret valley followed by a sumptuous gourmet meal. After your invigorating day of golf, return to the resort to enjoy the ultimate fine-dining experience with dishes curated by Michelin-starred chef Ettore Botrini. This is your chance to savour some of the most extraordinary Mediterranean and Corfiot cuisine in an elegant venue with a large outdoor wooden terrace overlooking the alluring landscape and open to the Corfiot breeze.

Explore Corfu’s enchanting coastline and untouched natural landscapes by car or by boat. Whizzing along the beautiful coastline, you will come across unexpected rocky formations, turquoise waters, secret coves, small water caves and beaches accessible only by sea. Bask in the richness of nature, the diversity of landscapes and swim away in crystal clear waters. From north to south, Corfiot's coastline is a treasure of geology. Do not miss Issos and Chalikouna beach, a Natura site with the flamingos, Barbati beach with the white round pebbles, Palaiokastritsa beach with icy waters that will revive your skin, Agios Gordios, Pelekas and Agios Georgios ton Pagon to name a few. The serene transparent waters make them the perfect spot for snorkeling and swimming. Discover the isolated majestic landscapes against a background of green hillsides with your own boat. End each day at the beach watching the sunset and the colours of the sky as you think of life and what may come.

Start the day exploring secret pathways to Corfiot's mountainous routes and discovering the small stone-built remote churches on mountain tops known as “Xoklisia”. Corfu owns official trails totalling 180 km in length, crossing the entire Corfu island. Select your ideal; there is one for every wanderer. Embark on a journey to comprehend nature like never before, and experience the smell, the geology and the historic landmarks of the Corfiot lands. Give yourself the time and the pace to properly explore the Corfiot countryside of olive groves and picturesque small villages. For those who prefer a faster pace, you can always rent a bike or even a car. Mountain bikes can add some action and extra fun to your holidays as you explore this natural wonder of the island of Corfu. End your day properly with a refreshing dip at Angsana's main infinity pool and spoil yourself to exotic cocktails and breathtaking views of the bay.