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The Angsana Brand Story

Sense the Moment

Fall into adventure. Fall in love with the world. Fall asleep by a fire in the company of friends. Savour new tastes, the cool of a pool, the last rays of sunlight catching the surf. Come in from the cold to a cosy room set high on a cliff by a spectacular shore.

The angsana tree is a large hardwood native to the rainforests of Southeast Asia. Its rare blooms arrive in a burst of gold that carpets the ground in a richness of flowers, their wild beauty and fragrance transforming the world around it for just one moment. At Angsana, we live for those special moments: those that invite you to pause, and fully sense the moment, in a momentary break from the rush of life. We create the spaces that bring people and places together in the wonder of discovery, whether you’re reconnecting with your culture or delighting in another, or just searching for that place that feels like home.

Angsana Balaclava Mauritius In-Room Dining
Bedugul Lake

As one of five award-winning brands under the Banyan Tree Group, Angsana has welcomed travellers since 2000 to our destination playgrounds around the globe. From traditional riads in Morocco to a hacienda in the Yucatan, from the Mediterranean coast to the heart of Karnataka, each of our Angsana properties uniquely reflects the vibrant character of the region.

Come stay with us. Bring a friend or three. Share meals, share laughter, share experiences that matter. Wake up on a remote island or in an ancient Chinese city. Lose yourself in the streets of Penang or the highlands of Bali. Let Angsana be the doorway that brings you a little deeper into the wide embrace of our diverse world, a world that will always have a space for you. From Thailand to Cuba, and Vietnam to Laos, we look forward to welcoming you.


Angsana Heritage Collection

Our Angsana Heritage Collection of unique boutique properties shines a light on rich cultural histories and age-old traditions to bring forth endless stories, authentic immersive experiences, and captivating connections to each breath-taking destination.

Angsana Heritage Collection
Angsana Heritage Collection

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