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Oribu オリーヴ

The vibrant flavours of North Asia in a picture perfect Mediterranean setting

An immersion into North Asian gastronomy in the most beautiful of Mediterranean settings, Oribu オリーヴ which means “Olive” in Japanese, unites the vibrant flavors of Japan, Korea and Taiwan with sustainable, locally sourced ingredients.

Enter a culinary universe inspired by the artistry of contemporary Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese cooking. With the help of Asian-flavored DJ sets played in the background, let your senses be transported from the shores of the Mediterranean to an exceptional world as creative as it is whimsical, as warm as it is refined. The olive is the star of the ambiance at Oribu. This seemingly humble fruit, emblematic of Greece and Corfu, makes an appearance in all shapes and forms.

oribu corfu

The Menu

An enticing menu blending North Asian flavors with sustainable, locally sourced ingredients.

Classic Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese recipes are reimagined with Corfiot produce. Rolls, nigiri and crudos showcase sustainably caught local fish and the island’s celebrated sardines, olive oil, herbs, kumquats, and fruits.

Olives make a deliciously unexpected appearance on one item in each section of the menu (starters salads, main dishes, rolls, cocktails) finishing up with a special dessert, such as in perfectly cooked olive oil cakes or olive oil and kumquat sorbets to conclude the gastronomic Oribu experience.

The specialty bar menu features an expert selection of Japanese sakes and whiskies. Original creations include Asian infused cocktails made with local fruits and herbs, as well as cocktails starring the local kumquat liqueur.

oribu corfu
  • Asian, Japanese, Korean

  • Smart Casual

  • Dinner18:30 – 23:00

    Asian a la carte menu

  • +30 2661 022900


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oribu corfu
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