Local Festivals and Celebrations



The Gnaoua World Music Festival

Join this festival in June held at Essauouira. Foreign artists and Gnaoua musicians meet for fuse musical melodies here. Jazz, pop, rock and contemporary World music are just some of the sounds you will hear. The festival is spread over four days and has many free performances. More than half a million people attend each year.


Marrakech Popular Arts Festival

Join one of Marrakech’s best attractions in mid-July. The Popular Arts Festival combines modern and tradition, with folkdances, Berber musicians and bellydancers. Find the whole of Morocco fuse cultures and traditions here in brilliant colour and rhythm.


Marrakesh International Comedy Festival

Jamel Debbouze is a renowned French actor and comedian of Moroccan descent who created this comedy festival. Come on June 8 every year for a night of fun and laughter.


Marrakesh International Film Festival

Come in December to celebrate Moroccan cinema at the Festival International du Film de Marrakech. Many international productions have sited their principal photography here. Watch important industry personalities reward the best Moroccan and foreign feature and short films. Catch a film yourself.


BIENNALE (Held every two years)

The Marrakech Biennale aims to build culture through art. Come and see amazing artists from the entire globe gather to create work inspired by Marrakech. Goggle at the resulting world-class exhibitions. Go home transfixed and amazed.


Marrakech Grand Prix WTCC Race of Morocco

Watch Moroccan streets turn into fast lanes. The World Touring Car Championship holds a round in the city. Come to Marrakech and watch FIA WTCC Race of Morocco. It is the country’s first international car race since 1958’s Moroccan Gran Prix at Casablanca’s Ain-Diab Circuit. Watch the only WTCC race to run in Africa.

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