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Dining at Angsana


Dining at Angsana

Food is not just fuel, it can be an entire adventure of its own. Sense a world of flavours and textures at Angsana, where our chefs offer a range of international cuisines in breathtaking settings, from elegant restaurants to casual poolside bars. Whether you're in the mood for fine dining with a partner or a casual meal with friends, we've got something for everyone.

In addition, your meal with us is always a responsible one, as we are committed to an equitable and transparent supply chain with a focus on environmental sustainability and community welfare, and are working to meet sustainable seafood targets at all our properties by 2030.

Dining at Angsana

Destination Dining

Savour the flavours of the world as you experience the best of local cuisine and culture right from your plate. From candlelit dinners in a private villa to seafood extravaganzas by the sea, we create unforgettable meals that capture the essence of your destination.

Destination dining at Angsana

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