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Dining at Angsana

There’s a reason we regard meals as sacred family time. It’s when we get to share stories that mean a lot to us and hear from others about their lives. Make memories and strengthen the ties that bind over meals that taste good and do good for our community and our planet.

At Angsana’s restaurants, we source fresh ingredients from local communities and serve dishes infused with the authentic flavours of the region. We harvest from organic, self-sustaining farms at several of our properties. We are committed to an equitable and transparent supply chain with a focus on environmental sustainability and community welfare, and are working to meet sustainable seafood targets at all our properties by 2030.

Angsana Riads Si Said Restaurant Morocco Dining

Destination Dining

A standout meal speaks to all the five senses. A truly unforgettable one goes one step further and imprints itself forever in your mind. Create incredible memories over shared meals on the beach, by a cliff with a stunning view or aboard a catamaran on cruise mode.

Destination Ding by the Sea