10 Things to Do for Families



Splash At Oasiria Water Park

Take a dip into Morocco’s first aquatic park. Laze while travelling down a peaceful rio. Plunge down the family rapids. Go water tobogganing. Sunbathe on the beach. Have a normal swim after the exciting water activity. Play beach volleyball. Float on your back in two child-friendly lagoons.


Feel Traditional Morocco

Learn about the art and music in Moroccan culture. Expose your kids to a different way of life. Attend the Marrakech National Festival of the Popular Arts, Marrakech Folk Music Festival or the Marrkech International Film Festival. Catch an opera in New Town. Stroll the streets and find painters, artists and musicians making everywhere beautiful.


Ride A Horse-Drawn Carriage

Climb into a carriage. Clop down 19 kilometres of 1,000-old ramparts. Trot around the city’s historic gardens.


Tour Marrakech’s Gardens On Wheels

Get into a carriage. Let horses escort you around amazing gardens. Explore the Menara Gardens and Majorelle Gardens. These private gardens are owned by French fashion house Yves St. Laurent. Admire the absolute beauty of the blossoming flowers and cacti.


Visit A Sultan’s Palace

See real palace ruins. Step into El Badi Palace. Learn about Saadian Sultan Ahmad al-Mansur’s commissioned creation. After the sultan commissioned the palace it took a quarter of a century to build. The construction was finished in 1593. Look at the best of Saadian craftsmanship for the era. Admire the real gold and onyx palace fixtures.


Take A Lesson In Islamic Scripture And Law

Visit the Ben Youssef Medersa. The Maghreb’s largest theological college first enrolled students in the 14th century. Find out about the school’s expansion 200 years later. See the Koranic school’s beauty with your own eyes.


El Bahia Palace

Step into an Alawi-styled palace built between 1894 and 1900. See an enormous building that took 15 years to build. Admire the intricate workmanship of the Fez craftsmen were specially invited to work on the palace...


Tour Through The Camera Lens

Learn about the Marrkech medina through the camera lens. Try something new. Look at the city with new perspective. Find out about the many photographic subjects around

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