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Angsana Xishuangbanna

Local Culture and Sights

Xishuangbanna offers vast tropical rainforests, traditional folk customs, the Tropical Botanical Garden, the Wild Elephant Valley, the Jinuo Village, the iconic Wangtianshu Sky Trees, and the tallest tree canopy corridor in the world, among many other sights to behold.

Angsana Xishuangbanna curates exclusive experiences for guests to ensure a truly memorable stay, including guided tea exploration tours to the ancient Nannuo and Hekai Tea Mountains, destination dining, and bonding moments at Angsana Spa.

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Local Attractions
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101 Things to Do

Local Attractions

From temples and gardens to markets and water festivals, Xishuangbanna offers a wealth of natural and cultural attractions to explore.

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Tea Mountain Exploration Tour

Take a stroll up the ancient tea mountains to admire the beauty and history of the old tea trees. Learn about how tea is made, and experience the tea-making process from picking fresh leaves to frying and fermentation.


Unique 3-Day Xishuangbanna Itinerary

Celebrate good times with friends, family, and loved ones at Angsana Xishuangbanna. From discovery tours and destination dining to bonding moments at Angsana Spa, let our curated travel guide enhance your stay.

Tea Picking

Stay for Good

Angsana Xishuangbanna invites you to embark on a responsible journey. Engage in a profound dialogue with the natural and cultural heritage of Xishuangbanna, and encounter the rich ethnic tapestry through artistic and cultural travels.


101 Things to Do

Angsana Players will take you on a journey of discovery in a tranquil world away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Follow in our footsteps and venture deep into the local area to explore and discover the magic of this land.


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