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Angsana Xishuangbanna

  • Gasa International Airport

    43 km | 50 min drive Xishuangbanna Gasa International Airport (JHG), also known as Jinghong Airport, serves Jinghong city in Xishuangbanna. It takes approximately a 50-minute drive from JHG to get to Angsana Xishuangbanna and other hotels near the airport.
Points of interest
  • Jingzhen Octagonal Pavilion

    21 km | 30 min drive Built in 1701, Jingzhen Octagonal Pavilion is a Dai Buddhist building and one of the most important cultural relics in Xishuangbanna.
  • Nannuo Mounain

    27 km | 40 min drive, by car Nannuo Mountain is one of the oldest tea cultivation mountains in southwestern China's Yunnan province. It is famous in China and abroad as the home of the "King of Tea" tree, a human-cultivated 800+ year old tree.
  • Starlight Night Market

    50 km | 80 min drive Starlight Night Market is the largest and most distinctive night market in Xishuangbanna. It is full of religious handicrafts, delicious local snacks, ethnic costumes and ceramics.
  • Menghun Market

    30 km | 30 min drive Every Saturday, this local farmer's market brings together people from the surrounding villages to sell their fresh produce, handcrafts, colourful costumes, and more. It is one of the busiest markets in Xishuangbanna.
  • Manzhao Village

    30km | 40 min drive, by car Manzhao Village has a long history of paper-making. Every family in the village makes paper in the courtyards of their homes using original paper-making techniques that date back 1,800 years.

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