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Angsana Xishuangbanna China Tea Mountain Exploration & Tours

Tea Mountain Exploration Tour

Where tea began

One of the first tea-producing regions of the world and home of the famous Pu-er tea, Yunnan was once a key destination along the ancient Tea Horse Road. Today, centuries-old tea trees still thrive on its mountain. Take a stroll up the ancient tea mountains to admire the beauty and history of the old tea trees, and watch how tea is processed from the very first stage of picking the fresh leaves to frying and fermentation. To book, please contact our concierge at +86 691 8996888

Discover the “King of Tea Tree” of Nannuo Mountain

Nannuo Mountain is one of the oldest tea cultivation mountains in Yunnan. Visitors can admire the King of Tea tree, a cultivated tree more than 800 years old, explore the surrounding villages, and taste the different varieties of teas, herbs and wild fruits. The half-day tour includes: a. Round-trip transportation from the hotel to Nannuo Mountain (up to 4 passengers) b. A visit to the Hani Tourism and Cultural Village to experience the local culture c. A hike up to the Banpo Laozhai tea-making village on Nannuo Mountain d. Crossing through the centuries-old tea forest along the way and visiting the 800-year-old tea tree e. A visit to the small market in Nannuo Shanzhai When: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm every day Please contact our concierge for more details.


Hekai Mountain Adventure

Hekai Tea Mountain is located in the southeast of Menghai and has one of the the biggest ancient tea gardens ever planted by humans. Almost one third of the Hekai area is covered by tea trees between 200 and 400 years old. The day tour includes: a. Round-trip transportation from the hotel to Hekai Ancient Tea Garden (up to 4 passengers) b. Every Saturday morning, you can visit the Menghun local market c. Cross the century-old tea garden and visit the 1,400-year-old tea tree d. Visit the Pu'er Tea Museum of Hekai Manor e. Visit the traditional paper-making process of Manzhao Village f. Visit the Manduan Buddhist Temple to admire the local architecture and sculptures Please contact our concierge for more details.