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Angsana Xishuangbanna

Bonfire Party

After the sunset, hotel staff burning torches light up the nights, all the guests dance with traditional folk songs around the campfire. The guests could learn the local traditional Dai dance as well as Hani, Yi and Naxi ethnic minorities dance, enjoy the unique local ethnic culture in the cheerful song and dance, to express the welcome to guests who come from afar.

Date: Every Friday and Saturday

Time: 8pm-8:45pm

(Subject to hotel activities schedule)

Bonefire 2

Dai Papermaking at Manzhao Village

The Dai people in Xishuangbanna are known for their ancient craft of papermaking. People in Manzhao Village have cultivated methods of paper using a variety of different kinds of materials. You could make a notebook beginning from the tree bark and experience an amazing journey through the original way.

For further information please contact us at 0691-8996888.

Dai Papermaking2
Dai Papermaking

Pu’er Tea Picking and Hand Making & Theme Lunch of Hani Style

At here, you could learn the knowledge of Pu’er tea from local tea farmers experience a series of tea making processes such as tea picking, tea frying, tea kneading, tea drying and tea tasting and experience the whole process from a leaf to a cup of teameaning. Hani cuisine is renowned for its unique culinary techniques and flavors, emphasizing the pure, unadulterated essence of natural ingredients. Amidst lush forests, utilizing freshly picked organic vegetables and locally sourced ingredients, the cuisine delves into the art of crafting ethnic dishes.

For further information and advance booking, please contact us at 0691-8996888.

Hani Cuisine
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