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marrakech medina

Local Attractions

Marrakech is a city of wonders. Uncovering all of its secrets could take years, if not a lifetime. Visit these attractions to get a feel for the Ochre City's noble past, fast-paced present and eternal obsession with beauty.
jemaa al fna

Jemaa el-Fna

Anyone travelling to Marrakech to experience the Orient will strike gold on the Jemaa el-Fna, classified by UNESCO as part of our world's intangible cultural heritage. The tales of the “Arabian Nights” seem to come alive among snake-charmers, storytellers, acrobats, and performers.


Go up in a hot air balloon over Marrakech

Balloon rides take place regularly in Marrakech, offering a unique and memorable romantic experience with a magnificent view of the snow-capped High Atlas Mountains towering against the skyline.

Souk & Monuments in the Medina

Behind Jemaa el-Fna lies a maze of alleys lined with souks where you can shop for all manner of goods: from sweets to clothes and leather goods. At the centre of the medina in the Place des Épices, you’ll find spices, soap and perfumes, and a narrow passageway to the carpet souk where you can find rugs made by indigenous women of Morocco's Amazigh (or Berber) tribe.

Medina souk

Agafay Stone Desert

A short distance from Marrakech lies the Agafay desert, a vast rocky desert spanning several hundred hectares. Its composition of stones and rocks give this desert its unique appearance that reminds one of the sand dunes of the Sahara. In the heart of the Agafay desert, you'll find an enchanting oasis of olive and eucalyptus trees, along with a restored farmhouse that's now a restaurant.


Journey through the most beautiful gardens in Marrakech

Marrakech could be known as the garden city, some of the leading attractions being the gardens scattered throughout the red city. Among them, the most iconic is Majorelle Garden.


Trekking in the Atlas Mountains

Marrakech lies near the High Atlas Mountains. If you go on a guided trekking tour, you can experience the Atlas Mountains first-hand with its breathtaking backdrop of snow-capped peaks, luscious valleys and secluded Berber villages.