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mountain an forest skyline in morocco with village

Riad Hotels in Morrocco

Expect nothing less than a sensory feast in Morocco, thanks to a delightful jumble of Mediterranean, African and Arabian influences.

Feast for the Senses

When you walk through the city centres and souks of Morocco, expect to be constantly dazzled by the lively sights, sounds and scents. The aroma of leather and spices. The clanging of metalware. The colours of fabrics. Cookies that ooze with sugared dates. Everything blends together for a look and feel that’s distinctly Moroccan.

Sanctuary for the Soul

Retreat from potential sensory overload (yes, it happens) to an oasis of indoor plunge pools and argan oil massages. In the middle of the action, Angsana Riads Collection Marrakech offers refuge in luxuriously restored traditional homes. The spa combines Asian wellness treatments with traditional Moroccan body care. Forget the outside world for the day. Exhale. Repeat as necessary.


Angsana Riads Collection

Marrakech – a dreamy mix of colours, sounds, scents and flavours that entices you upon your first visit and seduces you to a second one.

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