Discover the beauty of Xixi

Peace and excitement, all in one destination

From Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport (HGH)
  • The airport is 45 km from the resort, and takes 55 minutes by taxi.
From Hangzhou High Speed East Train Station
  • Arriving by train is easy, the East station is only 17 km from the resort by taxi.
From Hangzhou High Speed Train Station
  • The Hangzhou station is 13 km from the hotel by taxi.



Discover the beauty of Xixi

The Angsana Hangzhou Resort is set in the Xixi Wetlands Nature Reserve. Come during bird-watching season and enjoy the rich biodiversity of the wetlands. Visit one of Westbrook Mall’s 160 shops, step into Long Jing Tea Village while touring the West Lake, travel to Guo’s Villa and other historical sites or take a ride around the Xixi wetlands in a traditional wooden boat.



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  • Visa

    Visa is required to enter China

  • Tipping Culture

    It is not common to give tips in China

  • Electrical Point

    All rooms are equipped with at least 1 electrical points (2-pin plug and 3-pin plug)



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