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Angsana Corfu Resort & Spa

Yoga, adventure and self-discovery retreat

26th September – 5th October 2024

10 Days that will change your life, body, and soul: Experience the ultimate blend of yoga, adventure, and self-discovery with world class teachers Rina Jakubowicz and Eric Paskel at Angsana Corfu Resort & Spa

Strengthen your body and mind

Join an exclusive circle of yogis under the personal guidance of Rina Jakubowicz and Eric Paskel in the serene landscapes of Corfu, where seasoned practitioners and beginners alike will transcend their practice to achieve personal breakthroughs and unshakable inner peace.

Dive deep into immersive sessions that promise to expand your understanding of yoga beyond the mat. Engage in practices and discussions that challenge you to apply yogic principles in every facet of your life. Allow yourself to define your true life of purpose, so you can experience peace, presence, and enjoyment.

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Begin living a life aligned with your true essence

By the end of our journey together, you won’t just deepen your practice physically and spiritually, but you’ll also carry with you a blueprint for living a more fulfilled, balanced, and enlightened life. Your takeaway will be much more than memories; it will be a renewed vision of yourself and a life aligned with your highest aspirations.

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Rina Jakubowicz

Rina Jakubowicz, known for her vibrant spirit and profound insight, is a celebrated yoga teacher and the visionary behind Rina Yoga. With over two decades of teaching experience, she’s renowned for her ability to make ancient yoga philosophy accessible and inspiring to all practitioners.

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Eric Paskel

Eric Paskel is celebrated for his dynamic approach to yoga, blending the physicality of practice with the depth of spiritual growth. As an international yoga teacher, individual marriage and family guide, and motivational speaker, Eric’s unique perspective enriches his classes, making them physically engaging and also deeply reflective.

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