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Ionian Seaview One-Bedroom Pool Villa 2

Eclectic Villa Living Experiences

Angsana Corfu Resort & Spa

The Corfiot Family Table

Enjoy the authentic Corfiot gastronomy culture with a family-style dining experience in the comfort and luxury of your own villa. Our culinary expert will be there to provide advice and recommendations on menu and wine pairings tailored to your preferences. Your Private Chef will present a small cooking lesson, impart stories about the origins of the ingredients, and share dinner traditions while preparing the rest of your elegant meal. An interactive and memorable private dining experience exclusively curated for our villa guests.

corfu family table experience

Sound Healing Massage and Gong Bath

Raise your vibration by partaking in a Sound Healing Massage and Gong Bath hosted by our sound therapy expert and his magical Tibetan singing bowls and gongs. Therapeutic sound has been known to reduce stress and anxiety due to the deep resonance of the sounds into the body’s cells, as well as the deep state of relaxation induced in a single session.

corfu sound healing

Mediterranean Homemade Face Mask & Body Scrub

This sensual hands-on experience led by one of our award-winning Spa therapists will have you blending, infusing and creating your own Mediterranean body scrub and face mask foraged from the flowers, fruits, and herbs surrounding the resort. A uniquely lovely experience, including your own personalized products to take back home.

experiences in corfu

Private Massage

Experience the ultimate relaxation with one of our signature Angsana SPA massages without leaving your villa. Our highly trained massage therapists will work together with you to create a personalized treatment. Enjoy a soothing blend of Swedish and deep tissue massage techniques to help alleviate tension and reduce stress. Unwind in the comfort of your own space as you and your partner share an intimate moment of relaxation. With a private massage, you'll leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

best massage corfu

Bath Soaks for Individuals or Couples

Relax with our custom-blended bath soak prepared specially for you inside your own villa by our own Spa therapists. Our soak is made with all-natural ingredients and the perfect balance of sea salts and essential oils, chosen to meet your specific needs. Whether you are looking to soothe sore muscles or simply take a moment to relax, this bath soak will provide you with a luxurious and calming experience without the need to leave your villa. Enjoy the natural fragrances and feel the tension melting away. With our custom-blended bath soak, you can let go and unwind at your own pace.

corfu villa experiences

Thai Massage Workshop

With the help of an experienced instructor, you can master the art of Thai Massage and provide a unique and special experience for your friends and family.  Learn how to experience the calming, therapeutic benefits of Thai Massage, from the convenience of your own villa. Discover how to use traditional techniques to improve your partner’s physical and emotional wellbeing. Learn how to apply pressure and stretching to release tension and stimulate circulation. This is a wonderful way to bring relaxation, healing, and joy to those you care about.

corfu experiences

Introduction to Mandala Painting

Partake in a special “mandala” painting workshop and enjoy a colorful journey of Self-exploration, Joy, Unity, and Creativity – with no previous painting experience necessary. This colorful journey begins with a 30-minute card reading to awaken the participants’ inner creativity and connection with the Self, with the rest of the session being devoted to coloring the selected mandala according to each person’s chosen colors. The high vibrational art pieces are immediately available for the participants to take home for framing.

corfu mandala painting workshop

Pottery Making Workshop with Handmade Techniques

Led by our local potter, participants will create their own personalized decorative line of 3 stoneware pieces, using ancient handmade techniques such as pinching, coiling, pressing, and the sgraffito (scratching) techniques. The finished pieces will be whisked back to the nearby workshop to be fired and dried before being carefully packed and shipped to the participant’s home base.

corfu pottery workshop

Yoga Sessions

Anna Maria Soueref is a yoga practitioner and teacher with 800+ hours of training and ashram living in India, certified by the Ministry of Ayurveda and Yoga (AYUSH). She has experience teaching people of all ages and abilities, including children, pregnant women, and the elderly as well those with more severe conditions like lung infections, arthritis, cancer and PTSD. Her classes provide a traditional yoga experience, helping to strengthen the body and mind and to develop a beneficial practice. Also available; Traditional Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga , Family Yoga, Children’s Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Nidra and Yin Yoga as well as our new yoga sessions ‘Journey through all the Chakras’ in 1, 3 or 6-day classes.

corfu yoga lessons

Detox and Refresh Yoga

This all-levels yoga practice is designed to detoxify and aid digestion, as well as improve circulation in certain areas of the body. It covers asanas, abdominal pranayama, and energy locks for an enhanced experience. The intention is for practitioners to be able to confidently practice the asanas unassisted at home and incorporate them into their daily life. This practice can be especially beneficial to those with digestive issues, IBS, poor circulation, and bad posture. Also available ‘Blissful State’ and ‘Open and Release’ yoga practice.

corfu yoga classes

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