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Local Festivals and Performances

Experience the local customs and traditions of Xi'an

Join in the traditional festivities and events at Xi'an and check out some of its famous performances.

Spring Festival

Celebrate Chinese New Year in Xi’an Lintong. Revel in the vibrant atmosphere and witness the bustling streets come alive with festivity. Indulge in delectable festive treats that symbolise prosperity and good fortune as you explore the city's historic sites. Capture memories with photographs of the auspicious decorations.

When: January/February


The Song of Everlasting Sorrow Show

Drive five minutes from our hotel to witness a large-scale ballet performance set against the majestic backdrop of the Huaqing Palace. Be transfixed by the opera, inspired by Baijuyi’s poetic masterpiece, "Everlasting Regret".

When: April to October

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More Experiences

Join the Lantern Festival in Xi'an, a vibrant Chinese cultural tradition. Watch the mesmerising dragon lantern dance, lion dancing, land boat dancing, and Yangge dancing. As night falls, gaze in wonder at spectacular fireworks displays and delight in the heartwarming sight of children walking around with glowing lanterns.

Visit the mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor in Shaanxi. Celebrate the beginning of the planting season with the locals. This holiday is one of the few Chinese festivals that follows the solar calendar. It is normally held from April 4 to 6.



Enjoy an impressive extravaganza of Tang dynasty music and dance, and soak up the imperial city’s rich history and culture. Listen to music and watch history come alive.


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