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101 Things to do

101 Things To Do

Angsana Ho Tram

Trek along the verdant greens

Just a few miles away from Dhawa Ho Tram, the eco-friendly Cicada Ho Tram is home to a wide range of local species that are about to be protected.

Amid the lush green nature, Cicada Ho Tram brings you a stunning experience of trekking crossing the greenlines to explore the nature with the support from local tourguides - to let your soul wander into the most relaxing into-the-wild moments.


Horse-riding through the forest

Also inside the ecological complex of Cicada Ho Tram, another adventurous experience of exploring the endless nature is waiting for you - riding horses through the forest.

With the assistance from our tourguide and technicians, the horses are ready to escort you into the pristine nature to contemplate the unique magnificence of the local wildlife.

horse riding

Stroll along the colorful Ho Tram Night Market

Being a distinctive cultural beauty of any destinations across Vietnam, night markets are about to bring you different experiences when visiting.

Ho Tram night market will welcome you with a variety of seafood choices cooked in the local tastes for you to dive in, besides a wide range of entertainments and recreations along the street.

ho tram night market

Dive in the vitalizing natural hot springs

One in six popular hot springs of Vietnam, the hot mineral springs in Binh Chau attracts a large number of tourists to come by and dive in the warm water, heal the energy and enjoy the detoxification with natural minerals.

The Binh Chau hot springs also offer you an ecstatic journey around the world by various bathing models from multiple countries - for a distinguished invigorating experiences besides others unique entertainments.

binh chau

Bathe in the golden sun, silvery sand and turquoise water

Just only around 2 hours away from Ho Chi Minh City, the beach at Ho Tram and Ho Coc are such ideal hideaway destinations for you to immerse in the pristineness of the local landscape.

Temporarily away from the bustling cities, let the gentle waves and brilliant warm sunshine mingled in the tranquil moments help you push away the worries - for the best leisuring moments.

ho coc beach

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