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Master of the Ocean

Hamdhan started his career with the group as a water-sport attendant. In his role, he taught guests how to surf, wakeboard, and windsurf. As a lot of the activities involved driving the speedboat, the company provided him with the necessary training get his licence. Not stopping there, he went on to get his PADI Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver, Dive Master, and finally became a Dive Instructor. Hamdhan is an exemplary candidate of self-motivation. He is currently interested in underwater photo and videography. His two kids, Ayli (1 year old) and Jule (3 months old) are also encouraged to develop a passion towards the ocean. Ayli can sometimes be seen playing on the beaches of Angsana Ihuru and he dreams that one day, they too will join him in his underwater adventures.


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