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Xi’an is a historical and cultural city with one of the eight wonders of the world - the Terracotta Army, Xi'an Bell Tower as well as ancient culture and beautiful scenery.



Spring Festival

Celebrate Chinese New Year in Xi’an Lintong. Enjoy watching the activity and bustle about the streets. Buy festive treats to munch on while sightseeing. Take pictures of the auspicious decorations.


Lantern Festival

Join in this Chinese cultural tradition. Watch the dragon lantern dance, lion dancing, land boat dancing and Yangge dancing. Admire fireworks displays at night. Enjoy lanterns glowing as the children walk around at night.


Qing Ming Festival

Visit the mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor in Shaanxi. Celebrate the beginning of the planting season with the locals. This holiday is one of the few Chinese festivals that follows the solar calendar. It is normally held from April 4 to 6.


Emperor Qin’s Terracotta Warriors & Horses

Visit a world wonder just 15 minutes away. Walk through an army of 8,099 life-sized Terracotta warriors. Learn more about the First Qin Emperor and find out how the army was discovered in 1974.


Huaqing Hot Spring Palace

Travel just five minutes from the resort. Stand at the foot of Lishan Mountain, walk into the Huaqing Palace and understand why it was the choice home for ancient emperors.


The Song of Everlasting Sorrow Show

Drive five minutes from the resort to a landscape scene ballet. Admire the background of the Huaqing Palace and be transfixed by an opera based on Baijuyi’s poetic masterpiece Everlasting Regret (The outdoor performance is from April to October every year).


The Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Drive 40 minutes from the resort. Visit Xi’an City’s south and climb up the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. Understand why this ancient building is a top tourist attraction and how it became a National Key Cultural Relic Preserve.


The Bell Tower

Drive 45 minutes from the resort. Visit Xi’an City’s centre and enter the Bell Tower. Experience an important landmark set in the geographical centre of an ancient capital.


Hua Mountain

Drive an hour from the resort. Enter Shaanxi Province, 70 kilometres east of Xi’an Lintong. Visit one of China’s Five Sacred Daoist Mountains, Hua Mountain. Take snapshots of its five main peaks. Admire its South Peak which at 2,160 metres, is the highest.


Li Mountains

Li Mountains is an important part of Huaqing Palace area. It contains numerous cultural relics, beacon towers, old mother hall, Laojun Dian, soldiers Jian Ting, and many other famous attractions.

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