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Ranger's Club House

The club house of the Ranger's Club is the cutest place on Corfu island.  Laid out across 200square metres of playground, and children's furnishings, this fairytale house will enchant the youngsters visiting Angsana Corfu.  The perfect place to mingle and play.  A range of activities are scheduled for the kids, made to awaken their senses and interact with their very sensitive and soft nature and develop their abilities in later life. Activities include bottle Crafts, origami, paint brush, hand crafts from recycled materials, cap painting, arty-shirt painting, cookie making, jewellery workshops, face painting,  all activities are designed across age categories, 4-5, 6-8, 9-11.

Ranger's Club House

The Kids Pool

The Ranger's Club Kids pool is the perfect place for kids swimming, a small sized pool and shallow on all ends, makes it a safe place for kids that can swim under the safety watch of specialized instructors.  The kids will have great fun at the swimming pool located next to the adults infinity main pool, being able to play and laugh next to their parents and enjoy the same supreme views and beautiful nature in the same way as their parents.  Swimming lessons, water games and fun is scheduled on a daily basis under the strict supervision of instructors. Other outdoor activities include boating, bicycling and nature walking.

The Kids Pool

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