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Local Festival

Angsana Zhuhai Hengqin

Explore the local charm of the coastal city

Zhuhai's lively festivals vividly showcase the charm of this coastal city. An array of events awaits, ranging from traditional festivals and cultural performances to heritage walking tours, vibrant weekend markets and more.

Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival in Zhuhai is an annual cultural celebration, featuring exhilarating dragon boat races along the picturesque coastline. Participants row vigorously to drumbeats, whilst spectators savour traditional zongzi, enjoy cultural performances, and explore local crafts, all contributing to a deeply immersive cultural experience.

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Strawberry Music Festival

The Zhuhai Strawberry Music Festival is an iconic event that captivates music lovers with its eclectic lineup of bands and artists. Held annually, this vibrant festival combines great live music with an energetic atmosphere, inviting attendees to celebrate amidst scenic views, making it a highlight of Zhuhai’s cultural calendar.

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Air Show China in Zhuhai

The China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition, also known as Airshow China, is the only international aerospace trade show in China approved by the central government. Supported by Chinese aerospace industries, it features product displays, trade talks, technological exchanges, and flying displays. Held biennially in Zhuhai, Guangdong since 1996, Airshow China has consistently been a highlight event, successfully running for 14 consecutive sessions.


Zhuhai Kite Festival

The Zhuhai Kite Festival, held in May annually, is a colorful and vibrant celebration that draws kite enthusiasts globally. The festival features spectacular kite flying displays, competitions, and workshops along Zhuhai’s picturesque coastline, offering a festive and family-friendly outdoor experience.

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