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Local Attractions in Angsana Zhuhai Hengqin

Local Attractions

Angsana Zhuhai Hengqin

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is a marine theme park in Hengqin featuring an extensive array of ocean plant and animal life that can be viewed up close. Here, visitors can learn more about each species' natural habits and ecological environment. There is also an extensive range of amusement faciliies, one of which is the thrilling 20-storey roller coaster. There are also dazzling flower car parades and fireworks display.

  • Price: RMB450*
  • Operational hours: 10am-8pm daily*

*Please refer to official site and announcement for most updated information.

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Local Attractions in Angsana Zhuhai Hengqin

Statue of Fisher Girl

The Statue of the Fisher Girl of Zhuhai stands on the stone stairs of Xianglu Bay. It is the landmark of Zhuhai City, symbolising the love of a sea diety who became a mortal woman and fell in love with a fisherman. It measures 8.7 metres high and is made of approximately 70 pieces of solid granite, depicting a woman holding a giant pearl.

Local Attractions in Angsana Zhuhai Hengqin

Hengqin Flower Corridor

The Flower Corridor stretches 13.6 kilometres in length from Hengqin Bridge in the east to Hong Kong-Macau Avenue in the southwest. Flora such as floss silk (ceiba speciosa), kapok (delonix regia), and flame trees, which bloom all year round, are planted on both sides of the road.

The corridor has four rest stations with European, Ecological, Lingnan (Cantonese), and Coastal themes. Each are equipped with toilets, lounges, and tourist service centres. Shared bikes and electric bicycles are available for rent to traverse along the scenic route.

Local Attractions in Angsana Zhuhai Hengqin

The Zhuhai Grand Theatre

Experience the grandeur of the Zhuhai Grand Theatre, the only opera house built on an island in China. Nestled on the picturesque Yeli Island, along the stunning Lovers Road, this theatre is a true gem of Guangdong Province. Marvel at the breathtaking beauty of the "Sun Moon Shell" - featuring two "shells" - one large and one small - inspired by the amusium pleuronectes genus. This unique architectural masterpiece is a sight to behold, and a must-see for anyone visiting Zhuhai. It can be seen "floating" above the sea in a fairly extensive area of the city.

Local Attractions in Angsana Zhuhai Hengqin

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