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Angsana Suzhou Shishan


Angsana Suzhou Shishan

  • Suzhou Railway Station

    13 km | 22 min drive Suzhou Railway Station is a comprehensive railway station for general railway, intercity railway, train and high-speed railway. It enables passengers to complete convenient transfers with railways, buses, taxis and other means of transport.
  • Suzhou North Railway Station

    28 km | 35 min drive Suzhou North Railway Station is a high-speed railway station in Suzhou, which is easily accessible for travelers to take bullet trains to and from Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanjing, and other cities.
  • Wuxi Sunan International Airport

    40 km | 52 min drive Sunan Shuofang International Airport is located in Wuxi City, as regional hub airport which jointly built by Wuxi and Suzhou.
  • Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

    103 km | 1 hour 45 minutes drive Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport is a level 4E civil transport airport and one of China's three major complex hubs. It mainly serves domestic and regional flights, also with regular international flights.
  • Shanghai Pudong International Airport

    151 km | 2 hour 35 minutes drive Shanghai Pudong International Airport is a level 4F civil transport airport. It serves as a major hub for both domestic and international flights, offers flights to destinations all over the world.
Points of interest
  • Suzhou Museum West

    1 km | 15 min walk Suzhou Museum West features an array of exhibition halls including Suzhou History Gallery, Suzhou Handicrafts Gallery, Exploration and Experience Gallery, showcasing the rich history and local craftsmanship of the Wu land from various aspects such as culture and art, handicraft, and Suzhou lifestyle. Upholding the philosophy of “focusing on Jiangnan culture and displaying world civilization”, the west hall also features an International Cooperation Gallery which explores connection and integration with diverse world cultures through partnerships with world-renowned museums.
  • Suzhou Shishan Grand Theatre

    1 km | 15 min walk Suzhou Shishan Grand Theater features curved rooflines mimicking the rolling greens of Shishan Mountain, penetrating and flowing between Tianshi Lake and Shishan Mountain like an organic part of the natural landscape. Dedicated to art and cultural creation, exchange, display and exhibition, the theater will play host to various performances including symphonies, operas, musicals, dramas, and is set to becoming the new art and culture hub of Suzhou, as well as setting new benchmark for cultural and artistic development.
  • Suzhou Science and Technology Museum & Industrial Exhibition Hall

    1 km | 15 min walk Suzhou Science and Technology Museum·Industrial Exhibition Hall has a construction area of 61,300 square meters, with nearly 10 permanent and temporary exhibition halls, a dome theater with the function of celestial phenomena demonstration, a 4D science and technology theater. The museum also plans to include three outdoor exhibition areas – a science and technology plaza, an astronomical observation area, and a botanical science park – to serve as science and education venues. Suzhou Science and Technology Museum·Industrial Exhibition Hall highlights Suzhou's unique combination of science and industry.
  • Shishan Mountain

    1 km | 15 min walk Shishan Mountain of Suzhou is aptly named due to its uncanny resemblance to a crouching lion. An important local attraction, Shishan Mountain is renowned for its rich history and cultural heritage as well as beautiful natural scenery. Whether you want to climb the mountain and admire the modern charm of Suzhou City, or explore the hidden gems of Gusu culture, Shishan Mountain will delight you with endless surprises and wonderful memories.
  • Longhu Shishan Paradise Walk

    1.8 km | 9 min drive Longhu Shishan Paradise Walk is a one-stop commercial complex offering a wide array of experiences and services from shopping, dining to leisure and entertainment, adding spices to modern city life and creating a vibrant urban environment.
  • Hanshan Temple

    5.1 km | 20 min drive The thousand-year-old Hanshan Temple owes its fame to a classic Chinese poem called “A Night Mooring by Maple Bridge.” Simple yet elegant, peaceful and calm, the ancient temple instill a sense of history and sophistication. Marvel at the main hall, the bell tower, the corridor of stone tablets and the sutra library to immerse yourself in the power of Zen.