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Songkran in Thailand

Local Festivals

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Songkran Festival

Held between the 13 to the 15 of April every year, the exhilarating festival of Songkran is how Thailand celebrates its New Year. Counted amongst the main festivals of Thailand, Songkran is celebrated with much fanfare and water-related activities.

However, at the heart of this festival is a period for reflection and appreciation of families. Get ready to splash, laugh, and make beautiful memories with family and friends!


Loy Krathong

Celebrated every year on the evening of the 12th Lunar month typically in November, Thailand's Festival of Lights or Loy Krathong is based on the belief of releasing or floating away (loy) your past misfortunes. A great number of Thais mark this occasion by placing a few personal items like nail clippings and strands of hair on a lead bowl (krathong).

This festival comes to life with floating lights set free across water bodies as a sign of respect and homage to the water goddess Mae Khonghka. Embrace the positive, release your worries and make memories that shine forever.


Phuket Vegetarian Festival

The Phuket Vegetarian Festival is a vibrant annual event that takes place over nine days in the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar. It's a time when locals of Chinese descent wholeheartedly embrace a vegetarian or vegan diet for ten days, aiming to cleanse their spirits and accumulate merit.

This fascinating festival is believed to bring good fortune to those who actively participate in its sacred rituals. One of the highlights is a captivating procession, featuring extraordinary acts like walking barefoot over sizzling coals and climbing ladders with razor-sharp rungs. These awe-inspiring rituals are performed by devotees in a trance-like state, known as "Ma Song."


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