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Angasana Laguna Phuket

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Discover your own way of getting to know Phuket, as you embark on fun adventures with friends, or enjoy family-friendly activities

Whip up popular Thai dishes

Spice up your life and ignite your culinary creativity with a hands-on Thai cooking class! Our talented chefs will unlock the secrets of your favorite dishes. From the aromatic Tom Yum soup to the creamy Panaeng Curry and the refreshing Somtam, we'll teach you how to recreate restaurant-quality Thai cuisine right in your own kitchen. Prepare to unleash your inner chef and embark on a delicious gastronomic adventure with us!

Beyond the hotel, other options include full day classes at The Phuket Thai Cookery School, which includes a tour to the local market before any actual cooking, with vegetarian options available. Alternatively, learn prepare four or five recipes in half a day at Blue Elephant Cooking School, and receive a culinary certificate before savouring your hard work at the in-house restaurant or as takeaway. Join the morning session for a market visit to learn about Thai ingredients, or private classes for a more intimate experience (up to 12 persons).

Whip up popular Thai dishes

Meet Gentle Giants

Slightly smaller than their African cousins, the Asian Elephants are deemed as holy in the Kingdom of Thailand. Rapid modernisation also led to increase in deforestation which has been identified as a key contributor to the decline in their population numbers from 50,000 in 1950 to about 4,000 today.

Embark on a trip to the Green Elephant Sanctuary Park located close to Surin Beach is a haven for these gentle giants. This sanctuary also acts as a rehabilitation centre giving these elephants who have faced trauma and adversity in the past a chance to thrive again. Witness the strength, intelligence and grace of these majestic Asian Elephants with this once-in-a lifetime experience.

Meet gentle giants

Closer to Nature

Immerse yourself in the serenity of nature as you float on hand-crafted bamboo rafts through the Phang Nga national park. Discover nature at its best as you make your way through the mangroves and estuaries of this dense forest. Get ready to be stunned by the incredible waterfalls and the Suwan Kuha Temple set amidst a complex cave system in the Phang Nga town.

Don't forget to pay homage to the majestic reclining Golden Buddha located in the town as well. Based on the tour experience you choose you could also enjoy a delicious lunch set complemented with fresh fruits. Experience the tranquil river, the mouth-watering delights, rich local heritage and untouched beauty surrounded by the symphony of nature.

Float through the jungle

Carnival Magic

Carnival Magic is a crowning jewel in night time entertainment on the island. Spanning over 40 acres and awash with dazzling colours and sparkling imagery, as the very first Thai cultural carnival park it brings to life the rich cultural heritage found in the traditional festivals in Thailand.

Carnival Magic

Witness an ancient art of self-defense

Muay Thai is a traditional art of self-defense, involving hand-to-hand combat. It traces its history back to the 13th century, when the Sukhothai dynasty army was trained to defend the Siam kingdom either with or without weapons.

As regulations were introduced during the Rattanakosin Kingdom era (18th to early 20th century), Muay Thai eventually gained recognition as a national sport and martial art form that is also an excellent tool to level up overall fitness. Sports fans can visit the Patong Boxing Stadium to watch real life Muay Thai fights or sign up for lessons with a professional fighter to learn a new skill.

Thai Boxing in Phuket

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