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Angsana Spa presents a selection of massages, each designed to soothe the body and revitalise the senses.

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Created exclusively for Angsana Spa, our Angsana Massage works on your body's key pressure points to strengthen your inner "qi", or energy. Euphoria massage oil is used to help promote concentration and rejuvenation.

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A blend of Thai and Swedish massage techniques to soothe all aches, unblock stiffness and enhance flexibility. Invigoration massage oil is used to uplift and refresh the senses.

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Adapted from ancient Balinese techniques, this deep tissue massage relieves body tension and promotes better sleep patterns. Harmony massage oil is used to harmonise the mind just as music harmonises the soul.

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Unwind to a delicate stretching of your body to improve flexibility, followed by Thai massage techniques of palming and thumbing, without the use of oil, on your meridian lines.

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Specially created for tired and worn-out bodies, this calming massage soothes tense muscles using warm Clarity oil, a blend of sesame and jojoba oil rich in Vitamin E.

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Back Energy

If you have backaches resulting from long hours spent at the desk, this massage serves as a perfect relief to iron out tension and pain.

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Foot Loose

Step out with happier feet after an energising leg and foot massage.

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Head & Shoulders

Banish fatigue with this deceptively simple combination of upper body massages focusing on head and shoulders.


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