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Essence of Angsana

Take your pick from an array of thoughtfully-designed spa packages, specially tailored for different needs of the ladies and gentlemen.

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Beauty Treat

Ideal for those looking to be pampered from top to toe. Personalise your own medley of beautifying treatments to leave you rejuvenated with an all-round radiance.

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Purify Touch

Ideal for those looking to detox. The scrub deeply cleanses while warm ginger enhances blood circulation. The mud mask removes impurities, leaving you with refreshed skin.

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Sweeten Up

Ideal for those looking to unveil their inner glow. The candlenut is known to be packed with different vitamins and anti-oxidants, which work effectively to soften and moisturise your skin.

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Worry Free

Ideal for those looking to de-stress. Drift away in bliss as deep tissue massage techniques loosen your muscles and promote blood flow. The scalp massage targets pressure points to effectively clear your mind.

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Wake Up Call

Ideal for those looking to energise the senses. This is the perfect combination to improve flexibility and revive tired muscles. A relaxing foot massage rounds up the experience.


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