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Local Attractions

The romance of history

Cultivate authentic experiences in Luang Prabang, a UNESCO world heritage town dotted with temples, monasteries, a royal palace, and ancient customs continuing to thrive.

Luang Prabang has a rich cultural heritage, with monasteries, historical monuments, traditional costumes and the vast beauty of nature.

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Morning Alms Giving

Known as Tak Bat, this ancient ceremony holds deep spiritual significance and continues to be an important part of Laos' Buddhist culture. Every morning before sunrise, monks dressed in saffron robes and carrying alms bowls walk together in silence through the streets of Luang Prabang, while participants in kneeling position make offerings of rice and fruit. It is important to be aware of and practice the right etiquette for tak bat, which the hotel team can assist you with.

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Kuang Si Falls

It is the most famous waterfall in Laos, and with good reason. With natural tiered pools and nature trails, Kuang Si Falls is a refreshing spot for swimming, hiking, or simply embracing natural surroundings. It is located 45 minutes away from the resort by car. You can book a private car at the hotel or travel with a local tour agency.

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Mount Phousi

Standing about 150 metres tall, Mount Phousi is Luang Prabang's highest hill and a distinctive figure against Luang Prabang’s skyline. At the top of Mount Phousi is Wat Chomsi, a golden Buddhist shrine from the early 19th century.

The most popular time to visit Mount Phousi is in the late afternoon, where you can watch the sun set over Luang Prabang; or, if you wish to escape the crowds, head there before dawn and catch the sunrise.


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