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Resort in India

You can never make too many visits to such an incredibly diverse and large country. You can also never buy too many bottles of spices, have too many massages, or own too many block-printed scarves. There’s always something old or new to discover in India.

In Vivid Colour

Every corner of India offers a different travel experience. From the monuments in Agra and Jaipur to the bustle in Delhi and Bangaloreand the beaches in Goa, India offers an endless list of things to see, do and explore.

Live Better, Longer

What else would you expect from the birthplace of Ayurveda? Embrace the holistic approach to life and longevity that has been practised here for almost 5,000 years. Feel the world melt away with every healing touch.

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Angsana Oasis Spa & Resort

Wake up and be encircled by the vivid hues of nature.

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