A complete holiday destination

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From Zhuhai Jinwan International Airport (ZUH)
  • The hotel is located 50 kilometres from the airport. Take local taxi, for about an hour, or take the shuttle bus for 90 minutes.
From Gongbei Port
  • Connecting Macau to mainland China is located 13 kilometres from the hotel.Take local taxi for 25 minutes.
From Jiuzhou Passenger Terminal
  • The Jiuzhou Passenger Terminal connects Zhuhai to Hong Kong and Shenzhen, and is 11 kilometres from the hotel. Take local taxi for 20 minutes
Access to Phoenix Bay beach
  • The beach is a short 500-metre walk from the hotel, about 4 minutes from the hotel lobby.
To Fish Lady statue, Qinglv Road
  • The symbolic Fish Lady in Qinglv Road is a popular destination in Zhuhai. It is 9 kilometres from the hotel.Take local taxi for 15 minutes or take a bicycle for 25 minutes .
To Zhuhai Grand Theatre
  • The first opera house on the sea in China, the Zhuhai Grand theatre is a magnificent building worth visiting. It is 7 kilometres from the hotel. Take a bicycle for 20 minutes, or walk 30 minutes to get there.
To Young Mix Square
  • This popular shopping mall, with dining and cinema is 6 kilometres from the resort, about 10 minutes by taxi.



A complete holiday destination

Zhuhai is both a stunning coastline destination, with view to the many islands in the South China Sea, and a bustling city experience. It can offer a range of cultural activities, hiking in the mountain and other exciting activities.




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