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Local Festivals

Festivals & Cultural Events in Hangzhou

Delve into the heart of Zhejiang Province through Hangzhou festivals and events that showcase the city's culture and lifestyle.

Xixi Plum Blossom Festival

Experience the attractive charm of the famed Xixi plum blossoms at this annual spring festival held at Xixi National Wetland Park. Engage in fun activities or walk down garden trails specially paved for you to fully appreciate the blossoms' beauty.

Price: CNY 80 per person

When: February


Xixi Flower Festival

Held at the Green Bank, get drawn into the world of flowers at this exhibition and leave awed. Treat your senses to fragrant floral scents and be mesmerised by the colours and wonders of nature's masterpieces as you take part in fun activities or stroll down the garden path.

Price: CNY 80 per person

When: March to May


Xixi Red Persimmon Festival

Xixi Red Persimmon Festival is a traditional festival held at Xixi National Wetland Park where you can witness thousands of persimmon trees in full bloom. You can hand-pick persimmons and participate in various persimmon-themed activities such as building the world's highest stack of persimmons and joining the Persimmon Festival Parade.

Price: CNY 80 per person

When: September


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