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angsana chengdu wenjiang

Angsana Chengdu Wenjiang

Chengdu, China

(Opening Soon) A natural space to be yourself

Chengdu is a famous historical and cultural city, the birthplace of ancient civilization and one of the oldest ancient capitals in China. Wenjiang is located in the heart of Chengdu Plain, with plenty of natural resources. It is known as the "Jin Wenjiang" (Golden Wenjiang). Angsana Chengdu Wenjiang is located in the northwest of downtown Chengdu, only 30 minutes from downtown areas of the city, near Dujiangyan, Mount Qingcheng and Chenjia Yard. It faces the Chenjia Yard, allowing you to appreciate the view of a comprehensive courtyard-style ancient architectural complex in the Qing Dynasty. Our resort has a beautiful natural environment and profound historical heritage.

angsana chengdu wenjiang
angsana chengdu wenjiang
No. 96, Group 9, Wujiachang Community, Shouan Town, Wenjiang District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China
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  • Camping
  • Entertainment Centre
  • Fitness Centre
  • Garden House
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  • Meetings & Events Facilities
  • Restaurant Dining
  • Swimming Pool
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Discover: Regional Highlights

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Local Culture

Chengdu Temple Fair is the New Year's custom of Chengdu. It is an important part of Chengdu festival culture. Worship gods, enjoy opera, play with lanterns and enjoy a festive and lively feast.

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Destination Dining

We provide exquisite and delicious feasts for every occasion. Our cuisine combines Sichuan flavour and innovative practices to make guests feel at home each and every time.

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Qingcheng Mountain and Dujiangyan are famous summer resorts in Chengdu, where the temperature stays at 23 degrees Celsius all year round. Peaks surround undulating, verdant natural scenery and refreshing babbling water, attracting tourists to sightseeing every year.


Local Tours

Just across the street from the hotel is Chenjia Yard, a comprehensive courtyard building complex with characteristics of western Sichuan in the late Qing Dynasty, integrating residential buildings, ancestral halls and gardens. Half an hour's drive from the hotel is Mount Qingcheng, one of the birthplaces of Taoism, China's only indigenous religion. The grand water conservancy project of Dujiangyan is the world's oldest surviving, still in use, no-dam diversion irrigation system.