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Cambodia Hotel

There’s so much more to Cambodia than its centuries-old stone temples. Discover Khmer culture through the cuisine, the traditional arts and crafts, and a long wellness tradition.

Beyond Temple Town

Siem Reap isn’t just about Angkor Wat anymore. Of course, the Angkorian temples are a must-see, but there’s a lot more to explore here. Score gorgeous handcrafted ceramics and woven goods at the markets. Sail along the Tonlé Sap, South-East Asia’s largest freshwater lake, at sunset. Savour delicious Cambodian dishes by daring and inventive young Khmer chefs.

Khmer Cuisine

In the past several years, young Cambodians have been putting the spotlight on classic Khmer cuisine. They’ve added their own twist to recipes inherited from their grandmothers. Go beyond fried crickets and tarantulas—now there’s a whole range of complex flavours and dishes to explore.


Angsana Siem Reap with DARA Hotels

Angsana Siem Reap is your gateway to discovering the rich cultures of Cambodia. With impressive monuments, several different ancient urban plans, and large water reservoirs, the site is a unique concentration of features testifying to an exceptional civilization.

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