Things to do in Hangzhou for Family

From adventures to a simple,relaxing time, Angsana Hangzhou is equipped to accommodate all preferences.



Seek ‘N’ Find

Bond with your family in a game of finding hidden objects and standa chance to win some cool prizes!


Towel Craft

This is a great activity for the family – get creative and learn how to fold towelsinto fancyshapes and patterns together.


Paper Cutting

Parents and children canexplore creatively together, cutting papers into different shapes, such as animals, fruits, or even try Chinese traditional paper-cutting.


Finger-Painting Numbers

Let your kids learn numbers through finger-painting!Your kids are not only enhancing their numeracy skills and creativity, but they are also engaging in fun,sensory learning.



Try your hand at origami and impress yourself (and your kids)! Kids are sure to be amazed by the transformation of the piece of paper.


Paper Aeroplane Competition

Calling all kids – get excited! Learn to fold a paperaeroplane,make the best one and then compete to see whoseaeroplane can fly the furthest.


Pottery Class

Create ceramic masterpieces with your children that you can bring home to serve as a reminder of your unforgettable moments!


Cooking Class

Learn to whip up a localdish with your family. Thisis a fun experience that can also teach your kids the dos and don’ts in the kitchen.



Have a splashing good time and soak upthe sun while swimming at the outdoor pool.Light bitesand drinksare also available at the pool bar Breeze.


Outdoor Barbecue

Enjoy a yummy outdoorbarbecue with your familyby the pool, with a wide range of fresh ingredients to choose from.

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