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Things to Do in Hangzhou

From adventures to a simple, relaxing time, enjoy a range of activities in and out of the resort to accommodate all preferences.


Have a splashing good time and soak up the sun while swimming at the outdoor pool. Light bites and drinks are also available at the pool bar, Breeze. When: June to September


Outdoor Barbecue

Enjoy a yummy outdoor barbecue with your family by the pool, with a wide range of fresh ingredients to choose from.

A Journey to Longjing Tea Village

Longjing tea is the best and most famous tea in Hangzhou, and one of the top ten famous teas in China. In Spring, you can journey to Longjing Tea Village to pick tea leaves and stir-dry tea leaves with a local tea farmer, and then taste a cup of the authentic handmade Longjing tea. When: April to May


Fisherman's Journey

Take a sculling boat to fish with local boatmen and pick vegetables. Enjoy your lunch cooked with the fish, shrimp, and vegetables you picked. After lunch, you can tour Xixi by boat.


Xixi Wetland Kayak

The water sport of Xixi you can‘t miss. Enjoy the unique scenery of Jiangnan Water Town of Xixi, have fun and improve team cooperation and cohesion.