Local Festivals in Central Vietnam

Unique cultural festivals when you plan a holiday in Central Vietnam.

Don’t miss the unique cultural festivals when you plan a holiday in Central Vietnam. Take your trip to the fullest by joining local festivals and activities.



Hue Festival (April-June)

Join the city as culture and history are honored. Watch a grand opening ceremony. Cheer along with art performances. Attend the Hue Poetry Festival. Watch Massive Street Arts Performances. Listen to drums and percussion instruments. Walk through art exhibitions. Watch a week of Vietnam’s historical films. Taste Vietnam’s cuisine at the Gastronomy Quarters. Join in the Traditional Kite Flying Festival. View the Ao Dai Grand Show and Oriental Night Show. Yell enthusiastically with the crowd as you watch boat races. Join in numerous other activities.


Lunar New Year Festival

Lunar New Year Festival - the occasion that marks the beginning of a new year in lunar calendar, is also called "Tet" or "Tet Nguyen Dan" in Vietnamese. This is the most important festival in Vietnam which usually takes place annually around late January or early February. Lunar New Year Festival in Vietnam has many similar features with Lunar New Year Festival in other regional oriental countries but still has its own special customs.


Danang International Fireworks Competition

Danang International Fireworks Competition is an annual international fireworks competition hosted by Danang City. The first Danang International Fireworks Competition was held in 2008. Every year, the competition usually takes place at the end of April with the participation of three to four international competitors and the host - Danang City. It’s a wonderful chance for local and visitors to experience a colorful party of firework performances on the Han River in Danang City. After the celebration, engage in other recreational activities such as art performances, fireworks photo exhibition and water sports. These offer tourists an exciting and deep impression on the charming riverside city.


Cau Ngu Festival

Takes place in Huong Dien district around the 12th day of the first lunar month and involves a fish-worshipping ceremony to ensure the following year's catches. It definitely is a unique festival to experience in Central Vietnam!


Quan The Am Festival

Quan The Am Festival - one of Viet Nam’s biggest Buddhist festivals takes place in the Marble Mountains close to Da Nang and involves religious offerings of flowers and prayers, a dharma reading, much traditional singing and dancing, and the floating of lamps on the river. It was first organized in 1962 for the inauguration of the Avalokitecvara Buddhisattava statue in Hoa Nghiem Cave on Thuy Son (the Mountain of Water) - the highest of the five Marble Mountains. During the festival, there are also various exciting activities such as a photo exhibition, a poetry exchange, music and martial arts performances which reflect the Vietnamese culture and surely bring an unforgettable experience.


Dien Hon Chen Festivals 

Hon Chen Temple Festival takes place twice a year - in March and July. These festivals are held in Ngoc Tran Temple, Thua Thien Hue province to worship the Holy Mother Thien Y A Na (Mother of homeland), who created the land and the tree, the forest and taught people the art of growing these trees. According to legend, Hon Chen (also known as Ngoc Tran Son) is the place where Thanh Mau Thien Yana appeared.

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