Proposal in Marrakech

A proposal in the authentic Morocco

Propose in the vibrant city

Ask for your love’s hand in marriage in one of northern Africa’s most romantic cities. Feel centuries of history surround you, as you make a pledge for a future together.



Tips to making your proposal special



A sunset proposal

Sit on the rooftop, as the sun sets, and enjoy the spectacular view of the medina. Propose just as the orange light fills the sky.


A romantic dinner proposal

Let us serve you an amazing Moroccan feast on the rooftop or in the courtyard. At the end of the perfect meal, pull out the ring, ask your big question, and celebrate with champagne


In the Atlas Mountains

The world-famous Atlas Mountains provide a perfect location for the active couple to get engaged. Hike in the mountains, take a rest for lunch, and propose as you enjoy the panoramic views.



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Wedding Concierge

Our wedding concierge is always ready to assist with preparations.



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