Things to do in Angsana Velavaru for friends

There are lots of things to do and experience in Velavaru. Choose your adventure



Banana Boat Ride

Get on a banana boat with your friends and enjoy being pulled across the water. Squeal with every bump and have fun splashing into the lagoon at the end.


Ride the Jetski

Feel the thrill as you speed across the lagoon on a jetski.


Go Diving

Discover the underwater treasures of the Maldives. Dive with your friends and experience a one of a kind group bonding.


Chill by the Beach

Watch the sunset by the beach with your favorite sundowners.


Swim with Whale Sharks

Take a snorkelling trip with your friends to swim with whale sharks. Experience a breath-taking encounter with these gentle giants.


Join the Marine Conservation Programmes

Learn more about marine life as you join our conservation programmes such as coral planting, reef cleaning and turtle measuring.


Cooking Classes

There’s no better way to experience the local culture than to learn how to prepare Maldivian dishes.


Night Fishing

Feel the evening sea breeze. Reel in red snapper, jack fish, grouper, rainbow runners and sea bass. Let your chef whip up your dinner with your fresh catch.



Jump off the boat and discover a vibrant world underneath the crystal clear water.


Dolphin Cruise

Skim through the waves on a luxury boat or speedboat. Get the chance to watch dolphin up close and personal. See these marvellous mammals skipping through the water surface gloriously.

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