Things to do in Angsana Velavaru for Couples

There are lots of things to do and experience in Velavaru. Choose your adventure.

Take a romantic trip to Angsana Velavaru. Surprise your loved one and create unforgettable moments. Escape to a private island with a picnic basket or have champagne and canapés while watching the sunset.



Castaway Dinner

Sail to a deserted island for dinner. Choose to dine on continental, Asian or Maldivian food as you spend quality time with your special someone. Sit back and enjoy the cool breeze while enjoying excellent chef and butler service.


Romantic Beach BBQ Dinner

Enjoy a romantic candlelit barbecue. Delight in every bite of your steak and seafood and share a bottle of wine with your beloved.


Bodu Beru Night

Groove to the rhythm of traditional Maldivian music Bodu Beru and have fun with the locals.


Romantic Beachfront Sundowner

Relax on the beach and enjoy refreshing cocktails as you admire the picturesque sunset views


Couple’s Romance Spa Package

Indulge in quality couple time as you immerse in a soothing spa session. Let our trained therapists carry out Asian-blend treatments using fruits and flowers that will leave you both in state of complete rest and relaxation.


Go Dolphin-Spotting

Marvel at these playful dolphins. Spend your afternoon watching these skip and dance with the waves.


Half-Day Island Excursion

Snorkel through crystal waters and admire brilliantly coloured reefs. Jump into a catamaran and sail across the waves. Hop from island to island and explore exotic sands. Be delighted by the generous spirit of Maldivian hospitality. Swim deep down right for an enchanting underwater adventure.


Get Into A Glass Bottom Canoe

Paddle while admiring an incredible underwater world through your glass-bottomed canoe. Enjoy the magic of watching marine life move with you while sailing over coral reefs. Look down to see a turtle swimming alongside you. Treasure this phenomenal experience and bring it home in your memories.


Go Diving

Explore the amazing reef, discovering and uncovering the underwater magic. Experienced divers can take on the open waters and explore freely. Swim through the boundless waters and find new dazzling and colourful sights beneath the waves.



Step into the world of snorkelling at Angsana Velavaru. . To try out something different, you can also choose to snorkel at night, exploring the lagoon and watching the blooming corals glow in the dim lighting. Spot darting fishes and swim with the turtles. It is an experience you will never forget.

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