Proposal in Laos

Get on your knee in the old-world Southeast Asia

Propose in an ancient city

Propose in this exciting city, as you discover the Laotian culture and the love between the two of you. Propose in an unforgettable setting, and with a whiff of royal old-world charm.



Tips to making your proposal in Laos



Rose petal proposal

Decorate your bed with the words “Will you marry me?” in rose petals, as you return to the room.


Bless your union the Laotian way

Have a sacred Baci ceremony, and receive blessings for your wedding in the traditional Laotian way.


Start the day with Champagne

Let your loved one wake up to a surprise Champagne breakfast after the proposal. Laze in bed, as you start planning for the wedding.



로맨스 패키지


Wedding Concierge

Our wedding concierge is always ready to assist with preparations.



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