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Events are not just about the event itself. It’s about atmosphere. If you want your meeting to be a roaring success, bring it to our Bintan island resort. Whether it’s a company conference or a small meeting, we can accommodate your needs, and provide the ultimate environment for a successful meeting. Put together your ideal event at Angsana Bintan hotel.



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속성 Size 천장의 높이 라운드 테이블 교실 극장 U 형 중역 회의실 자유로운 무대 기타

Angsana 1

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135 sqm / 1453.13 sqft 3.4 m 80 72 150 42 45 150


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속성 Size   라운드 테이블 교실 극장 U 형 중역 회의실 자유로운 무대 기타

Angsana 2

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50 sqft   20 16 50 19 22 50


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