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Angsana Saranam Wellbeing Resort

Sensing the Moment

A statuesque tree found in the tropical rainforest of Asia, the Angsana is best known for its crown of flowers that burst unexpectedly into fragrant showers of golden yellow blooms. The glorious Angsana constantly reminds us to live life and savour every moment as time inexorably passes by. Refresh your senses at Angsana Spa where invigorating spa experiences, fresh ingredients and a soothing touch await. Seize your delightful spa moments now and let the day begin! Located at the 3rd floor and rooftop of North Building, overseeing the rice terrace and mountain, Angsana Spa at Angsana Saranam Wellbeing Resort features treatment rooms with indoor and outdoor spa pavilions, bathtub, shower and a relaxation area.