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AN Saranam Local Insight

Local Insights

Learn more about Balinese culture through a hands-on approach.

Activities & Experiences

Connect and bond with the locals by learning simple appreciative phrases. You can use these expressions to express appreciation to your loved ones too.

Gain an insight into the Balinese philosophy of Life, Nature and Balance. We will prepare an offering for you to express gratitude for the present and a prayer for the future.

Discover how the locals make this world famous coffee. Take your time to savour the rich aroma and unique flavour. It is a treat for the senses.

Cook a hearty and healthy Balinese dish using indigenous spices and fresh local ingredients. You can adapt the recipe when you do it at home.

Learn the art of Balinese puppetry and reenact a story about you and your loved ones. Record the performance and relive it for years to come.

Learn the fundamentals of this sacred dance and uncover the significance behind each step and gesture.