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AN Saranam Fun Fitness

Fun Fitness

Learn to improve your body's coordination and balance through our various selection of fun fitness programs.

Activities & Experiences

This is a fun-filled fitness routine suitable for people of all ages. You will learn to improve your body's coordination and balance.

Kickstart your day with a morning jog in and around the lush grounds of Saranam. The fresh crisp air will invigorate your mind and body.

This activity offers a challenging workout to build strength, agility and endurance for the whole body.

Designed for all fitness levels, this is a total body workout that allows you to use simple natural materials to take your fitness to the next level.

Explore the beautiful rice fields and lush forests of Bali. A brisk trek amongst nature brings immeasurable benefits to the mind and body.

This cycling activity brings you to the many sights of Saranam. Gain an intimate insight into the agrarian lifestyle and spirituality of the Balinese.

Step out and see Bali in a different light. Our guide will bring you on a safe trek to see Bali in twilight. It is an experience for the adventurous.

Enjoy a light trek in and around the resort to discover the sights of Saranam. This activity improves mind and body coordination.

Strengthen your core muscles with an introductory lesson on the basics of Pilates.

Take a slow trek to witness the glorious setting sun. Thereafter, stay a while longer to marvel glorious colors of the evening sky. It is a show that many missed.