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Rice Planting

Discovery Moments

Engage in a range of DIY handcrafts and create products and learn skills to aid your wellbeing: from creating your own body scrubs, bath bombs and more to getting your hands dirty in our organic garden.

Activities & Experiences

Make your own natural aromatic sachet with an array of exotic herbs and spices. You can place the sachet in your car or by your bedside to elevate your wellbeing.

Uncover the basics of creating soothing bath bombs by using a blend of herbal essential oils and other simple ingredients.

Create a fragrant floral steam inhaler and use it as a pre-sleep ritual. Its soothing aroma will calm your mind and body and prepare you for deeper rest.

Regular body scrubbing promotes skin renewal. Make your own special blend of body scrub that you can use and share with your loved ones.

Regular handwashing is beneficial but may be harsh on the skin. Learn to make a gentle soap as a gift for yourself or your companion.

Explore our organic garden with our chef and learn about the health benefits of different plants. It will be a treat for your senses.

Blend your personal massage oil and learn basic techniques to massage yourself and your partner.

Learn the science and benefit of sustainable microgreen planting. Thereafter, you can harvest it for a healthy meal or beverage.

Rice is a staple for most Asians. Discover how local farmers grow this nutritious plant. You can even try your hand at planting or harvesting.

A soak in a warm salt bath eases muscle tension and promotes blood circulation. It is an ideal treat after a long day of activity. Join this activity to make your own bath salts.

Bring back the child in all of us. Learn how to weave a simple hammock that you can display at home.