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Angsana Saranam Wellbeing Resort

Wellbeing Activities

At Angsana, we advocate the active creation of fun and joyful moments for self, with family and with others. We have curated a wide range of activities such as Fun Fitness, Mindful Movements, Discovery Moments, Bonding Connections, and Local Insights to enable you to create these joyful moments. We recommend that you engage in these activities to create self-care moments for yourself, build memories with your loved ones and bond with friends, colleagues or fellow travellers.
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Activities at Angsana
Local Activities
Family Escapades
Cultural Infusions
Local Attractions
Discovery Moments

Discovery Moments

Engage in a range of DIY handcrafts and create products and learn skills to aid your wellbeing: from creating your own body scrubs, bath bombs and more to getting your hands dirty in our organic garden.

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Fun Fitness

Learn to improve your body's coordination and balance through our various selection of fun fitness programs.

Mindful Movement - Activities

Mindful Movements

Mindful listening promotes understanding and bonding connections

Mindful Movements

Bonding Connection

Our modern hurried life distracts us from being present with those around us. Through these activities you will be able to bond and connect with your loved ones.


Local Insights

Learn more about Balinese culture through a hands-on approach.

Mountain Tour


Explore the mountain lake area of Bedugul and other stunning areas in Bali with our resort tours. Customised tours are also available for guests.


Chasing Waterfalls

Bali is not only about beautiful beaches but also home to breathtaking waterfalls, many of which are located off the beaten track near our resort and unbeknownst to the tourist crowds.