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Chinese Spring Festival | Chinese New Year (January – February)

Celebrate Chinese New Year with the Mauritian Chinese. The exact date for the celebrations is determined according to the Chinese calendar. Listen to the shot of firecrackers in the air. Enjoy the auspicious red clothing and symbols. Jaunt to Port Louis in Chinatown to watch lion and dragon dances.

Local Festivals and Attractions, Chinese New Year

Cavadee Festival (End of January – February)

Celebrate Cavadee with Mauritian Tamils. Symbolising the sacred mountains, it is an offering bowl made of wood, metal or plastic. Cavadees are covered in flowers and come with a pot of sacred milk. Be amazed at devotees piercing their cheeks, tongues and chests with needles. Watch as they walk to the temple carrying cavadees on their backs. Look at them lay their cavadees down at the feet of the divine statue. Feast your eyes at fire-walking and sword-climbing.


Maha Shivaratree (February – March)

Celebrate Maha Shivatree with Mauritian Hindus. This three-day festival is held in Lord Shiva’s honour. Watch thousands of Mauritian Hindus sanctify themselves in the Grand Bassin. The lake is considered holy because it contains waters the Hindus believe are connected to India’s holy Ganges River. White-garbed devotees carry bamboo devices in sacrifices and fetch holy lake water from the lake.


National Day

The national day in Mauritius is celebrated on the 12th March and commemorates the date the country gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1968 and the Republic of Mauritius was formed in 1992.



Originally a Christian celebration the traditions surrounding Easter remain unchanged, with the giving of chocolate eggs. For Christians, this is the most important time of the church year and it is taken very seriously by Catholics. Generally the morning will be spent at church, followed by a family get-together afterwards


Ganesh Chaturthi (August – September)

Celebrate Ganesh Chaturti Festival with Mauritian Hindus. Observe the replicas of the elephant god as the Hindus bring them to the riverbanks or beaches. It is believed the Ganesh replicas must be placed in water before sunset.


Father Laval Day | Jaques Désirée Laval (9th of September)

Celebrate Father Laval Day with Mauritius. Join Mauritians of all ethnicities visit Father Laval’s tomb on September 9, the birthday of Blessed Father Jacques Désiré Laval. His tomb is in Sainte Croix, Port Louis. Father Laval was born in 1803 and left France for Mauritius in 1841. He was believed to have miraculous healing powers as a French missionary and doctor. Pope John Paul II’s first beatification as pope was Father Laval. Father Laval protected the island slave community while he lived. He is honoured as the island symbol of compassion and love.


Eid-Ul-Fitr (Id-El-Fitr) Festival

Celebrate Eid-Ul-Fitr Festival with Mauritian Muslims. This celebration comes after the holy fasting month Ramadan ends. Muslims pray at the mosques and share food and cakes. They exchange gifts with family and make charity donations.


Divali (October-November)

Diwali, pronounced Divali in Mauritian creole, is the Hindu festival of lights celebrating the victory of light over darkness, or good over evil. During this night as from six o’clock all Hindus and many Mauritians decorate their homes with small oil lamps, candles, clay lamps or electric bulbs. Cakes are cooked and shared among families and neighbours on that day



Mauritians enjoy Christmas celebration in a lively tropical summery atmosphere under a usually scorching sun yet, this does not stop Santa Claus from popping in with loads of presents for young and old. Whilst primarily a Christian celebration, Christmas is celebrated by almost everyone, with Christian and non-Christian alike getting together as families and exchanging gifts. Many non-Christian homes will even boast a Christmas tree

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