Angsana was founded with the core value of driving sustainable development. We employ an integrated and participatory approach, to minimise our impact while safeguarding and enhancing the human and physical environment for present and future generations.

As stewards of responsible tourism, we have conceptualised our values in our “Brand for Good” framework to go beyond the precautionary approach and inspire exceptional experiences among our guests to “embrace the environment and empower people” at each of our locations.



Sustainability Achievements

Angsana Bintan has been the recipient of various industry-recognised awards for our compliance to the most stringent environmental practices and commitment to corporate social responsibility.

EarthCheck Gold Certification
EarthCheck, the world's leading scientific benchmarking and certification group for sustainable tourism, has continuously awarded our resort Gold Certification since 2015 in recognition of our green efforts. Our resort is measured annually on operational indicators such as energy, emissions, water, waste and paper use; chemical and pesticide use; and community involvement. 

Indonesia Sustainable Tourism Award – Good Governance
Awarded by the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia in an inaugural presentation, these Awards recognise tourist destinations in the country that address environmental sustainability in their operations. Following a comprehensive evaluation of Angsana Bintan’s green economy and management, our resort emerged winner of the Good Governance Category in honour of our best practices in sustainable tourism.

ASEAN Green Hotel Award 
The Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia and Creative Economy of Indonesia awarded Angsana Bintan with this prestigious award for our sustainable practices between 2012 and 2014. Our resort underwent a stringent review by an independent and prolific committee, including the Green Building Council of Indonesia, the Hotels & Restaurants Association of Indonesia and various media outlets specializing in green issues. We were inspected on key indicators such as land use, electric and water utility, material usage, environment management and corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices.



Plastic-Free Angsana

Our resort is committed to our brand-wide pledge to reduce and ultimately eliminate single-use plastics from our operations, as part of our continued effort to directly address the detrimental effect that plastic is having on the environment and marine life. In our first year, we as a Group managed to eliminate over 25% of targeted single-use plastic, meaning 1 in 4 of these items used will no longer be sent to landfill or end up polluting our environment.

Since Angsana Bintan’s commitment on Earth Day 2018 to reduce single plastic use across our resort, we have managed to successfully reduce the use of straws at our resort. 



Resource Conservation

Angsana's efforts connect with the issue of global climate action by conserving resources through efficient operations, with external assurance by EarthCheck, the leading benchmarking certification within the travel and tourism industry. 

At Angsana Bintan, each guestroom is fitted with a Room Control Unit (RCU) to reduce electricity consumption. Together with the island’s local communities, solid waste materials are broken down and repurposed with all proceeds benefiting the underprivileged. 

In our “Soap For Hope” programme, leftover bar soaps at our resort are remade into whole soaps with the help of participating guests. These soap bars are eventually gifted back to the local communities. 

Used water from the guestrooms and resort facilities undergo purification and processing before being reused at the Laguna Golf Course to water the grass.


Greening Communities Together

Our aim is to restore the natural environment, whilst raising awareness of climate change through tree-planting events, around the area in which we operate, with a current target of 2,000 trees per year. In the first ten years we planted almost half a million trees, and we aim to plant 25,000 during our 25th anniversary year.

Angsana Bintan, together with sister properties Banyan Tree Bintan and Cassia Bintan, has planted over 64,000 trees on the island since 2007. Our “Greening Communities” programme often receives great interest and participation from government bodies, communities and guests.



Our Seedlings programme was created to nurture young people at risk of societal exclusion, providing vocational and life skills and education, and preparing them for life and work.

Since 2007, 34 young students have enrolled as Seedlings in our Laguna Bintan programme. 7 of these Seedlings have received a university scholarship, with another Seedling graduating with a Cum Laude predicate in May 2019. 5 alumni members of the programme are currently working as associates in Laguna Bintan.


Supporting Local Communities

Supporting long-term societal prosperity is central to Angsana’s ability to create value for local communities and this is achieved by empowering them through job creation, education, supporting artisanal cooperatives, community impact initiatives, humanitarian relief and connecting travelers to local culture and heritage.

Together with Banyan Tree Bintan and Cassia Bintan, our resorts support 6 schools on the island consisting of 1 kindergarten, 2 elementary schools, 2 junior high schools and 1 senior high school, all in a bid to make education accessible to the local communities. In addition, we also equip teachers-in-training with the necessary skills through sponsored courses.


Community Cleaning

We aim to organise a minimum of four cleaning activities each year, to engage members of the local community, our guests and our associates with the need for effective waste management and to promote responsible consumption of resources and maintaining a healthy environment.

At Laguna Bintan, we work with World Cleanup Day Kepri and the Bintan Government to drive awareness of the importance of keeping our environment clean. In 2018, over 200,000 people in the Riau Islands pitched in to clean up the rainforests and beaches on World Cleanup Day.


Nature Walk

Begin your day with Mother Nature as you take a walk amidst wildlife! Enjoy the lush greenery at our golf course, a tranquil forest, a quaint local village and alongside our beach. Look out for wildlife such as kingfishers, butterflies and the banded leaf monkey along the way!


Bird Watching

See if you can spot some of the 80 species of birds living around Laguna Bintan! Contribute to our citizen science programme by recording commonly sighted birds such as sunbirds, bulbuls, kingfishers, egrets and raptors. Held weekly.


Turtle Release

Wish our baby turtles the best of luck as they make a mad dash for the ocean. Learn about the importance of turtle conservation and its challenges! Held seasonally depending on availability.

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