Things To Do In Angsana Fuxian Lake For Family

For families with small children, the Angsana Kids Club offers complimentary supervised care with a myriad of indoor and outdoor activities.

Angsana Fuxian Lake is the ideal destination for your family holiday. With a variety of activities for your children to immerse in, they are sure to score the fun that they so desire.



Work on Kite Handicraft

Let your kid’s creativity flow and their imagination stimulated. Get them painting with their fingers. Watch them swirl oil paints on kites. See them choose from different designs and painting their own kites..


Lakeside Fishing

Enjoy fishing with your family by the lakeside and be awed by the beauty of nature while you are at it..


Picking Blueberries

Walk 10 minutes from the resort and to a fruit garden. Entertain the little ones with a fun-filled session of picking blueberries.


Little Dim Sum Chef

This activity trains your child’s fine motor skills and exposes them to the world of baking and cooking. Let them experience feeling the different textures and create whatever they can imagine.



This activity trains your child’s fine motor skills as well as creativity. They are sure to have a fun time trying to make different kinds of shapes and characters.

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