Xixi National Wetland Park

Visit the famed Lungs of Hangzhou. The park has urban, agricultural and cultural wetlands. More than 100 freshwater fish species and almost 200 bird species call it home.


West Lake

See a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Understand why Chinese poets waxed lyrical about it. Travel through numerous historical sites and gardens. Study relics close up. Spread over 60 kilometres, walk through any of the 90 gardens and admire its beauty.


Lingyin Temple

Lingyin Temple literally translates into Temple of Soul’s Retreat. Located on the west side of West Lake, it is one of China’s top 10 Buddhist temples. It was registered for national protection in 1961. Today it is a leading centre for Chinese Buddhist cultural research. Stand at its front and see the famed Peak Flying from Afar. Jaunt to the back and see the Northern Peak.


Leifeng Pagoda

Climb up 71 metres and enjoy West Lake scenery. This restored ancient pagoda has an underground palace. In 2001 Buddha Sakyamuni’s relics were found in the palace. It is the setting for the legendary Madame White Snake fable-the story of one of China’s four ancient love stories.


The Dragon Well Plantation

West Lake has produced green tea for 1,200 years and counting. Tea at the Dragon Well Plantation is highly regarded for its purity and fragrance and leaf beauty. Dragon Well Village has Longjing Tea picking sessions every March and April. Tea leaves are normally picked after morning rain.